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about ribeirão preto

Ribeirão Preto is 315km from São Paulo, the capital, and is among the 10 largest cities in the state of São Paulo and has a complete infrastructure.

Ribeirão Preto has developed a lot from the cultivation of coffee and mining. However, in the 20th century, investments in health, information technology, bioenergy and biotechnology, in addition to agribusiness, made the city grow even more.

Living in Ribeirão Preto becomes more attractive than in the capitals, because it offers high quality of life, public safety and good infrastructure for public services and employment, several leisure options, such as parks, shopping malls and bars. In addition, health is privileged, and the entire infrastructure of the city satisfies the more than 700 thousand inhabitants - including, the Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.800, which is quite high by Brazilian standards. Its location benefits from numerous consumer centers, easy access to transport and communication.

In general, the cost of living and the values ​​practiced by local businesses are close to the values ​​of large capitals. Compared to the capital of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto is only 39.3% cheaper than São Paulo. It is the ninth most populous city in the country and the seventh largest in the state of São Paulo. In the economy, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the largest in the mesoregion, the eleventh largest in the state and the twenty-third largest in Brazil.

The city concentrates several universities, some of which are important on the national scene, such as USP and UNAERP, where thousands of students seek courses such as Medicine (and Medical Residency), Psychology, Architecture, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, Biochemistry, Library Science, Biological Sciences, Administration, Engineering, among others. Many of the universities are traditional in the training of specialists, in addition to offering postgraduate courses that are already stablished in the country.

The climate in Ribeirão Preto is semi-humid tropical, that is, a lot of heat and rain in summer and cooler and drier days in winter. The good part is that the city is very green, with parks and squares that make the warmer days very pleasant and make it easier to lead a life with healthy habits, when hiking, for example.

Recently, it should be remembered that in the “Ribeirão Mobilidade” Program there were works of significant restructuring in the region of the USP Campus, with the creation of public transport corridors, in addition to a new cycle path connecting the city center to the Campus, becoming a means of safe and healthy transportation for USP students and professionals.



Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto / USP
Postgraduate Secretariat in Internal Medicine
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Monte Alegre
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