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Students who completed college or university graduation qualify for a postgraduate course starting with a master program (postgraduate level).

Students with a master degree can apply to a doctorate program, which is similar to PhD in duration and in focus, which is based on research activities.

Students without a master degree who have previous scientific experience can apply to a doctorate program, named here as direct doctorate.


Prior to enrollment, the candidate must contact a mentor of the Graduate Program in Internal Medicine  to define his or her research project. During the admission test, a project evaluation is the second test phase where the student shows thorough understanding of the research project. The university registration also depends on the mentor's approval.


Students do not need Portuguese language skills. Therefore, there is no need for a proficiency test in Portuguese.

Accepted proficiency tests in English are TEAP, TOEFL, ALUMNI, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE or MICHIGAN. 

For the first one, TEAP, follow this link:

The program head may evaluate different tests or English background to acknowledge English language proficiency.


According to the year calendar (LINK), students may apply for the next admission test or for the test that best suits their needs.

Tests occur every month or every two months.

Admission test comprises 2 phases:

1 - Written test

The written test is based on reading, interpreting, and writing about a scientific short article, for example, an editorial, a letter to the Editor, an opinion article published in a scientific journal, a short review article, etc. After reading the text, students need to answer 4 to 5 questions, writing in English, or in Portuguese, or in Spanish. The text is always in English and it is from a major medical journal.

To see previous tests, as examples of written tests: LINK.

2 - Research project oral presentation and discussion 

Oral project presentation is based on a Power-Point slide show (or equivalent) with duration of 10 to 20 minutes followed by committee questions with similar duration. Duration of this presentation and its discussion depends on the graduate level (master or doctorate).

Step by step instructions with dates will be provided right after your email message toto Mr. Emerson Oliveira (secretary) showing interest to the graduate program ([email protected]).



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