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fees and scholarships


Master or PhD degrees are provided to the student free of charge. Therefore, there is no enrollment fee or monthly fee charged to any student, whether Brazilian or not. However, the graduate programs have to establish a fee up to a maximum of R$ 200.00 for the admission test (selection processing). For more details, please go to the graduate admission page (

Requesting procedure and values

Funding for graduate students is available. There are several sources for student scholarships. Most are from CAPES - Ministério da Educação (Federal Secretary of Education). Students do not need to know all sources or to apply for all kinds of scholarship. The graduate program have a pool of scholarships and we will take care of scholarship destination. Students should request it to the program right after approval in the admission test.

The number of scholarships available may not be enough for every student. If this is the case, the grades attained at the admission test are used to classify an order to be awarded. The remaining students go to a waiting list. As soon as one student gets the degree, that scholarship goes to the next one in the waiting list. Recently, all students have been awarded in the first month.

Master Degree: Value: BRZ R$ 1.500,00 montly. Duration: 24 months.
Ph.D. Degree: Value: BRZ R$ 2.200,00 montly. Duration: 48 months.

FAPESP Scholarships

Regarding other sources that are not managed by the program staff, the best one is the FAPESP funding support, i.e., Master, PhD or post-doctoral scholarships that include travel and laboratory supply grants.

FAPESP stands for São Paulo Research Foundation. FAPESP ( is a public foundation, funded by the taxpayer in the State of São Paulo, with the mission to support research projects in higher education and research institutions, in all fields of knowledge.

The scholarships in Brazil are awarded after a peer review selection process, in the following modalities:

Scientific Initiation (undergraduate students)
Master's degree (graduate students)
Doctoral degree (graduate students with a Master degree)
Doctoral degree (Direct - graduate students without a previous Master degree)

Applications are accepted all over the year but it depends on the mentor decision because necessary documents are students c.v., mentor c.v., department approval and project (more information at FAPESP site (LINK).



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